Friday, June 29, 2012

Ladies Luncheon

For the past 4 years Mom, Faith and I have been blessed to volunteer at our local Pregnancy Resource Center, and while there we have worked with some wonderful ladies.  So this past week we decided to host a luncheon for all the ladies that we work with.
We just happened to pick a day that was right during Strawberry season, so dessert was Angel Food Cake or Biscuits piled with sliced strawberries and finished with fresh whipped cream, and for the chocolate lovers we also had a plate of gluten free brownies. 
Our Sweet Peas had begun to bloom, so Faith and I picked a large bouquet to grace the table.
Strawberry Lemonade and Ice Tea for beverage.

The main menu included Cream puffs filled with Chicken and Tuna Salads, with sides of Pasta Salad, mini stuffed eggs, and fresh garden veggies.
Each lady had a sprig of Sweet Peas at her plate to take home.

It was a delightful time of fellowship chatting, exchanging stories, relating incidents of days gone by, and of course eating!

After finishing our conversation and cleaning up, we headed outside to conduct a tour of the farm.
We are very blessed to have our golf cart, and were happy to be able to drive some of the ladies around so that they didn't have to walk.
It was a lovely afternoon, and we were glad to be able to host the luncheon for the wonderful ladies who we work with.