Saturday, October 25, 2008

Farewell to John...again

This week has been a whirlwind! God has been testing us and stretching us and teaching us patience and trust in Him.

John was planning on leaving Friday to head down south, stop at a friends for the weekend and then head on his way down to Texas. God had other plans...and sent us spinning with a car with a dead engine on our hands and a frantic search for another way to take John down there...ending up with him leaving this morning in our Focus. We know that all things are in our Father's hands and we are trusting Him to work it all out for His will and glory! A very applicable verse was shown to me during this crazy week.

"Seek the Lord and His strength;

Seek His presence continually!"

Psalm 105:4 we are seeking his will in whether to try to sell John's car and find another one for us to use right now...or trust God to supply a new engine for John's car. Any one got an engine sitting around they want to donate? =)
Below are some pictures we took last night...and then this morning when he left. Josiah and John were playing tiddlywinks out on the front porch. Josiah snapped these pictures of John, Christianna, Joshua and I.

Baby watching him leave.
Farewell...until December!

"For man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” I Sam. 16:7 has really come to mind as of late. Taking a look at John's car any one would think, Wow! What a nice looking car! But then we find out that it has the worst engine ever made in history inside its hood! Man looks at the outside...but God knows what's in the heart/engine. Another lesson to apply to life.

Quoting from a friend...
The current situation we find ourselves just IS. It can either be an excuse to pout, whine or spout hysteria, or it can be an opportunity to grow, learn as we persevere through, or simply enjoy it for what it’s worth.
I pray that we will clearly see what God wants us to see and learn and grow in His grace for us. May His will be done and may He guide and protect John on his long trip down to Texas.
'til next time, God be with you all!