Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Farewell Party.

Joy, laughter, sorrow, words of wisdom, and prayer were all a large part of the gathering at our house last Friday as we celebrated a new journey in Josh's life. For those of you who do not know, after much thought and prayer Josh chose MP (military Police) as his MOS in the National
Guard and on the 17th of November traveled to Fort Leonardwood MO to begin his basic training for the Army National Guard. So last Friday as his time here drew to a close we invited some friends and family over for a time of fun fellowship and encouragement to Josh.

The little boys absolutely love Josh,

and consequently Josh spent quite a bit of his time, that evening, pushing them on the swings,

and playing football with them. =)

Little John tried his best to push Josh down the"field".

But his plan back fired. ;)

All the families were a great encouragement to us and Josh, and we all enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship.

Many of the men who had been in the service before had wonderful advice and some funny stories which Joshua appreciated greatly.

We enjoyed a scrumptious meal filled with many of Joshua's favorite foods, and some of the "cooks" favorites too. =)

In all, God blessed us with a lovely and inspiring evening with some of the Godly and remarkably loving people he has brought into our lives.

Now I would like to ask all of you, our blog readers, to please pray for Josh down at his BCT.
Please Pray:
That he would stand fast amid the negative and worldly atmosphere around him;

That he would be a witness in his words and actions to his comrades and officers;

That the LORD would protect him from any physical harm as well as spiritual;

That we, his family here at home would learn to trust him completely to God.

I promise to keep you updated as Josh sends us letters and updates.
Thank you for your prayers in advance. ~Chs