Saturday, January 30, 2010

15 years tall.

15 Years ago last Saturday, Our family welcomed into the world, a little bundle of blue faced, ummm, excitement. Our house has never been the same since=). Josiah was everyone's adorable, round faced, smiling, one and only Chocolate brown eyed LITTLE brother. That is up until a year and a half ago. Now us girls officially have no "little" brother. He hasn't disappeared he simply has grown up. I measured him a few days after his Birthday and he is 6'1" and 7/8th=)

Josiah's interests, though varying slightly throughout the years, have always leaned in one direction. Gods creation. So this year for his birthday, he wanted to go for a nature hike, (it was most definitely a hike not a walk=) at beaver lake trails. Seeing as his Birthday only comes once a year, we all obliged, bundled up and dragged ourselves out of the house for over an hour long walk.

Both Grace and I brought along our cameras so we were able to document the "exciting" events of the day.

Our good friend Mr. Reiche was kind enough to join us on our escapade, and brought along his trusty map, in case we got lost=).

We saw many unique animal marks, along the path, one of which was the tree full of woodpecker holes.

Another object which Josiah showed us were the many Beaver marked trees around the marshes and ponds. In this case it looks like Mr. Beaver bit off more than he could chew!

When we reached Pinnacle Peak, our ultimate destination, Josiah, Faith and I had a snowball fight in and around the walls of the old lookout. (Okay, so Josiah and Faith did most of the snowball throwing. I did have the camera after all.) Happy, worn out and slightly chilled we trudged back to the van and drove home to enjoy some cake and Ice Cream.

Don't tell any of the other chickens, but Josiah does have a favorite, and I endeavored to duplicate her likeness in cake form.

Little Girl, is a little skeptical. She thinks that she is much more pretty than the cake. Josiah had to agree.

Josiah has become quite the young bookworm recently, especially when it comes to books about our American heritage by his new favorite author Eric Sloane. Therefore he was quite thrilled to find some of Sloane's books decked in wrapping paper, with his name on them.

He also received his very own hatchet which we knew he would put to good use.

A gift which we gave him that morning, was a brand new florescent orange sled. All our old ones were cracked and had come to an untimely demise. Of course he had to break in his new possession, and ran outside to give it a few test runs. Who needs gloves and a coat anyways?

We all had a wonderful day and hope he did too. Josiah may you grow tall and strong in the Lord just as much as your physical body has grown.