Saturday, January 22, 2011

The fun of winter.

This winter God has blessed us with extremely cold weather and just enough snow for unsurpassed fun. We have managed to enjoy the weather more than we have in past years and in this post I will highlight a few of our activities.

Of course, one of the things that cannot be left undone is sledding at Mr. Reiche's famous sled run.

So far we have been there only twice but we hope to return many more times before the weather warms up.

The best time to go is at night when Mr. Reiche has the run all lit up, but it is still a blast any time of the day and Mr. Reiche will always have the fire lit and roaring.

Josiah and I were able to go with the Bryson family a couple weeks ago and had a wonderful time going down and up and sledding back down, and then climbing back up. One of the unrivaled aspects of Mr. Reiche's run is that you do not get tired climbing back up the slope because it is so gentle, and yet, it is just as thrilling a ride down as any steep hill.

Dad always makes amazing snow animals in the winter. So far this winter he has made an alligator, Squealer our guinea pig, and an unknown wolf like creature.

Josiah's second annual snow ball fight was held a couple weeks ago, and some of the boys younger siblings stayed for a little while and played with Faith and I. I don't know but if we had as much fun as the boys.

We had our own sort of snow ball fight. A very gentle sort of one.

Some of us went sledding, over and over and over again.

And most of us helped build a family of snowmen. Meet Papa, Mama, and baby Frigid.

Out front, the boys were participating in a much more serious snow ball fight with balls whizzing around at alarming speeds and numbers.

The rules for the game were loosely base on Capture the Flag. One side had an American flag while the other proudly flew a Mexican flag. The fighting was fierce and hot and many men were hit on both sides, but after a few rounds the two opposing sides made a mutual agreement to halt and fast became friends again around cookies and hot chocolate.
I hope you have enjoyed a brief peek at our activities of this winter and I am sure there will be many more to come, before the warm weather descends.