Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Party Time!!

 Saturday was party time at our house.  Celebrating Grace's 28th Birthday!
This year there have been some amazing workings of providence for Tim and Grace as an opportunity came up for them to live in the apartment of Banbury Cross Tec. where I work, and Faith and I both volunteer.  It is wonderful to have them closer, and is such a perfect situation for them, being able to have their very own home and getting to work for their rent!  (plus Grace is happy to live on a horse farm :)

We were super happy that Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim were able to drop by for dinner (they just happened to be driving by at the right time!!).

Shine (Grace's dog) joined us for the party... and used her brown eyes to their fullest potential, attempting to beg tidbits off anyone who would look at her.

Grace opted out of the traditional cake, and asked for a large chocolate chunk cookie pizza, to be cut into wedges and served with Ice cream.  (not a bad choice :)

We are so grateful for what God has done in Grace's life recently, and pray that He will continue to bless and guide this beautiful, talented, hard working, artistic, lady for many years to come!!

{we love you "Tookie"!}

Julian was super happy to be able to see his Uncle Dewey again and followed him around like a shadow. 
We finished the night by watching Grace's all time favorite movie ever... "The Black Stallion".

So the party ended.