Monday, September 05, 2005

Two Dozen Years of Faithfulness...

Twenty-Four years ago today, friends and family gathered to witness the marriage vows of two very special people. On September 5th, 1981, Paul Frederic Sauve and Cathleen Ann Learned pledged their love and loyalty to each other, and their solemn vows, made before God, have stood the test of time. Just over a year later, the first of their seven "blessings" arrived, and with her a new challenge, and new commitments. Paul & Cathy believed it was their duty before God to train and raise their children at home, and for the next 23 years they did just that, faithfully teaching and protecting their offspring, and learning as they went along. Looking back now, we as their children are profoundly grateful for the time and dedication that they showed in teaching us. Let's face it, we were not always model students;) and some of us are only just now starting to appreciate the perseverance and firmness of our "home-school teachers". The thing for which I am most grateful though, is my parents firm resolve to put God first in everything, even "learning time". Ever since I (Charity) was a little toddler, we have had family devotions together each evening, and when we were older, we had a morning family devotions as well, before starting any other "school" subjects, in which we studied and memorized entire passages of Scripture together. We as their children will carry the now 30+ Bible passages in our hearts forever as a legacy to their faithfulness to God and training us in the fear and admonition of Him. There are so many other things that I could say about my parents, but I will close with this. In a world where marriage seems to mean less and less, and the divorce rate is skyrocketing, even in "Christian" circles, I am so grateful that my parents have, with God's help, been faithful to each other, and I pray that God will give them many more years of happiness together as they continue to grow closer to Him!
We love you Mom & Dad!!! Happy 24th Anniversary!