Thursday, July 08, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth: Part 2; As the birthday of our own Firecracker.

Faith Ann Sauve

The second half of the day was spent in the celebration of Faith's 2..." birthday. Anyone want to guess what her exact age is?

We had all our relatives over for dinner, and though it was hot out in the sun, under the willow tree with the breeze it was just right.

Faith took our gardening expert, Aunt Myrt, on a tour through our garden, asking for tips and showing off our carrots. (which we are all immensely proud of, as we have never grown carrots before let alone big healthy beautiful ones=)

Dad worked the grill while everyone else walked around out back. The hamburgers were extremely succulent by the way!

Let the feasting begin!

After dinner we all headed down stairs for cake and Ice Cream. Okay, most of you know our tradition of creative shaped and decorated cakes. Faith does not always have cake as her taste buds lean more towards pie and such. But when ever she asks for a cake these words always follow. "Make a shape that has never been done before". Well with 7 children each having a birthday every single year (shocking I know ;) and all insisting on a new shape, Mother was fast running out of ideas. So after racking our brains and narrowing down suggestions, Mother and I chose to make Faith a cake looking like her garden, with raised rows and all! The rows are made of Butterfingers and Three Musketeer Candy bars;)

Happy Birthday Dear Faith!! May God bless you in the years to come.