Saturday, October 29, 2011

Raking leaves

 One of the enjoyable occupations that come with fall, is raking leaves (along with making apple cider, which I will inform you of in a later post;).   A couple of weeks ago, our Oak tree dropped its leaves... and I mean really truly dumped them.

"After autumn's brilliant colors and leaves have all been browned,
And beneath the trees in woodlands, they have covered deep the ground; 
While there's still a touch of orange in the tangled bittersweet, 
There's music in those dry brown leaves that rustle round your feet."
~Otis Shirk~
 So Faith, ever eager to spend time outside grabbed a rake and began to make a pile.  Sort of on accident, she ended up burying our tire swing; the pile was that big.
 "Help!!!"  She buried a person too!! :D

 Sadie Rose came out in the front to join me, and absolutely loved the leaf pile!! 
She burrowed in it, pounced in it, rolled in it, and in general had a wonderful time.
 I rather think she enjoyed her first ever leaf pile! :)
  Then Sadie was given a ride in the leafy trailer to the back where we were piling them.  *sigh*  So much fun for a little puppy!
 That evening once it grew dark, we gathered out back where we burnt all the extra leaves that we needed to dispose of .
It blazed up hot and bright, and smelled delicious during it's short conflagration.