Friday, December 18, 2015

Multiplying Rabbits

One of the animals that has been added and multiplied at our farm this year, was Rabbits. Faith got 2 Does (female Rabbits) and 1 Buck (male Rabbits). 

Then Josiah brought her home a pair of apricot colored Rabbits from Polyface. In addition to these grown ones, we have had 2 litters of bunnies this year.

The first litter happened to be only 1 rabbit.

1 very fat and chubby rabbit, consequently.

This is the little single baby rabbit all grown up!

 Violet, our grey and white Momma rabbit had the second litter of 7 little bunnies. 

7 darling soft fluffy adorable, babies.

Momma and her little bunnies.

So round and fuzzy. :) I am simply going to fill the rest of this post with just photos of Bunnies. No boring words. You're welcome.