Thursday, May 24, 2007

Missed...and etc

Just found some missed pictures from the move. I didn't want to waste them so here they are!

For a while there some of us were still living out of suite cases and no our living room did not look like this for long, but it sure was hard that first night to find all of our bedding and things!

The setting up of our long table was most entertaining as about four boys were under it holding it up as one screwed it together!

Resting on the 'sword' and word of God. =)

One of the first flowers to bloom at
our new home!!

Swinging on the tree. Josiah and Josh creatively rigged up a swing by using one of John's old weights!

Sunday evening enjoyment!

We had our friends the Brysons down for fellowship and singing Sunday night! What an enjoyable time! Here the young men are listening to and singing along with parts of Handel's Messiah.

Sitting under the lilac bush.

Young farmer boy! Sorry about the squinting, I think I have a few better pictures on my 35mm camera but their not developed yet.

'waiting for the cows to come in.' =)

...And there's so much more to come!!! Stay tuned! ; )

Mothers day beauty!

Ok, so this is old but I really wanted to share these neat pictures!

Mothers day Sunday our family met over at the Eddys and us young ladies went for a walk on the road and around our friends property. Many of the spring flowers were blooming, sending out their beautiful proclamation of God's glorious creation and design!

For the last several weeks we have been keeping an eye on a feathery family of Killdeers who had made their nest in the Eddy's front flower garden. This particular day mother bird was sitting on the nest and beautifully surrounding her were Johnny-Jump-up! Such a lovely Mothers day gift!

Happy Belated Mothers day!