Monday, July 07, 2008

The 4th of July...this year

This year the 4th was a little different. Though we did stay busy with participating in the Independence day celebration at the courthouse and watching the Hadley parade, we did not have family over for our usual 4th of July/birthday celebration for Faith, but instead enjoyed a train ride (on a 1/8 scale) with our friend Mr. Reiche and a cookout dinner with him and our longtime friend Vicki! In the evening we headed into town to find a good spot to watch some fireworks and even though we had to move to a better spot in the middle of the show, we were still able to see most of the spectacular display!

Anyways...we did so much and of course I took so many pictures and I can't share them all so here are just some bits and pieces from our very full, yet enjoyable 4th of July! ~Grace

Thursday evening we all went and enjoyed the LCO concert on the courthouse lawn!

This cute little boy really got into the music, marching and clapping his hands.

Independence day morning....

Parades, Birthdays and Trains

Campaigning friends

Lots of Tractors!

The birthday girl!!

Faith's most favorite birthday gift!

Faith received a butterfly net for her birthday a couple years ago...she got another one this year because the other one is now catching frogs and pond scum!

Dessert= Strawberry Rhubarb crisp, blueberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream...and chocolate sauce!! Yummm!


At the Railroad

Walking the tracks

Mr. Reiche showed us how to get the trains out of the round house with the use of this nifty turn table

Waiting to begin

All Aboard!

A happy train rider

Riding over the pond

Faith got to drive too!

Afterward we got a chance to feed the gold fish.


Dad grills up the burgers

Baby enjoys the dappled sunlight in the front yard

Sunset before the fireworks

This last picture was taken in our backyard. (sshhhh!) =p