Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Lunar Eclipse

How many of you saw the spectacular heaven show the other night? No it wasn't a tv show, it was the heavens declaring the Glory of God! The last for a couple of years, Wednesday's night sky displayed the great phenomenon of the covering or shadowing of the moon by the earth. It was amazing to watch, though we froze while we did it, as the moon slowly was over shadowed and turned a reddish hue. Simply beautiful, unique and ultimately reminding us of God's awesome power and sovereign will in everything! How small we are in His hands!

[image taken by Joshua]

During the final stages of the shadowing, here is the moon with it's reddish tint with just a sliver of light along the right edge.

The small spot on the left hand corner is a planet, supposedly Saturn. I tried as I might to get a closer picture but it was so cold and my fingers and the camera would not cooperate. Any other spots are most likely dust on my camera. =) ~Grace