Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Reunion - 2008

Saturday was our long planned for annual family reunion. It was held at our house and even though about half of all who said they were coming did not show up and it did eventually rain, it turned out to be one of the best ever reunions and I think every one had a wonderful and enjoyable time!

The matriarchs and their spouses.

The day started out beautiful!

Grandma and Grandpa Learned.

L-R, Aunt Clarabel, Aunt Elsie (Uncle Teds wife), and Aunt Myrt.

Faith and Josh.

Lunch time!

Mr. Ostrander kindly provided this tarp to help shade our eating area!

After lunch we had the different generations gather together for a quiz time.

The second generation met to talk about the future of the reunions.

The third generation had a short quiz/ice breaker and then we got into the games!

I don't have any pictures of us young people playing water balloon volleyball since I was participating, but here are some of the "grown ups" trying their skills at soaking each other! LOL! It was pretty funny to watch!

Zoey enjoying the game from the play scape deck.

Two balloons! When the younger generation was playing we actually had two balloons collide in mid-air! We were so surprised, no one moved and they both fell to the ground!

The spectators.

2008 picture!

Our cousin Kelly brought a friend. She fit in like one of the family, helped out by taking the family picture and threw her share of water balloons! I'm glad you came Catie! It was fun getting to know you!

After pictures it started to rain. Really hard! After it let up some people left, but since it was still the early afternoon everyone else hung around so we decided to have a water balloon toss...

...and it ended up with a war!

Thankfully Adam was nice and didn't pop the balloon over his sisters head! =)

It was a great day spent with family and we hope to see more of you all next year!