Monday, August 03, 2009

Celebrating another year with our Grandparents!

Eighty Seven years ago in the little city of Port Huron Michigan Russell and Inez Harrison became the proud parents of their first child. It was a girl and they named her Mildred Arlene Harrison.
Five years later in the same city a baby boy took his first breath, delighting his Father and Mother, Raymond and Myrtle Learned. They named their first boy George Thomas Learned.

Eighty Two years later, their (George and Millie's; Grandma and Grandpa=) posterity
(Children and Grandchildren=) gathered at Aunt Carmen's house for a celebration of their perspective lives.

Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren came as well.

We made the cake, which actually looks pretty good considering it survived a 50 minute hot car ride. A lot of the icing melted and the jam filling squeezed out.

Grandma and Grandpa seemed to like it anyway.

We bought Grandpa the book version of "Faith Like Potatoes", which was made into a very good movie by the way.

Faith made this very pretty crochet shawl for Grandma.

The highlight of the afternoon (for me at least) was when we pulled out all of Grandpa's old solos. (Before Grandpa and Grandma were married Grandpa was a part of a Bob Jones quartet, which traveled around the country singing.) Then we got Grandpa to sing some of them for us. It was delightful to listen as he sang one song after another. Sometimes he would tell us the story behind a certain song, where he sang it, and some of the reasons why they meant so much to him. We all had a wonderful time, and are very thankful to the Lord for giving Grandpa and Grandma so many years together and with us.