Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Baskets, Baskets and More Baskets!

Baskets, boxes of stuffing, breads and chocolates, spice nuts, teas and cocoa...Our library was invaded last week as we were given the opportunity to make 18 (plus 4 for this week) gift baskets for a friend of ours who is a therapist and wanted to give something in thanks to all the doctors that refer people to his clinic. We had a most enjoyable time baking tea breads (Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry Orange, Banana Nut, and Zucchini), finding stuff to put in them and putting together these baskets full of goodies! Posted by Picasa

Grace and a finished basket. Posted by Picasa

We delivered all 18 in small batches, mainly because it was impossible to bake all 54 breads in one day and because we were not able to obtain all the supplies at the beginning. We hope that these were a blessing to those who received them and above all that God was glorified!Posted by Picasa

Concert Results

The benefit concert for Mariah Kirby went well on Friday night. Though the disappointment that not many people showed up was felt, we quickly tried to over look all the empty pews and went on with the performance for the praise and glory of our Lord!

Please see Mariah's blog for more information and pictures of this event and please continue to lift her and the family up in your prayers that our Great and Almighty Lord would bless them with His strength through these trying times and to touch and heal this little girl for His glory! Also as God leads you, please give to the medical fund set up for Mariah as the expenses for her treatment are anything but small! Thank you.

Due to the assumed mass of people that would come to this event and the thought amount of desserts needed, Faith and I (Grace) and some of the other ladies in our Church were baking like crazy on Thursday making well over 1000 cookies and 'Dulce' delights! Needless to say we had over and above all we could ever need on Friday evening and were practically forcing the goodies on our few guest, taking some to compliment our Sunday meal and either freezing the rest or giving the remaining abundance of our stash to friends!

Cookies, Cookies and more Cookies!

The Choir singing selections from Handel's Messiah. Glory to God! Posted by Picasa

Mrs. Wagner and Lindy Posted by Picasa

Eunice Van Bergen - Our Pianist and Organist Posted by Picasa

The Cookie girls! Danielle and Nicholette Shepherd. Posted by Picasa

Theresa and Faith. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Shepherd and Mariah. Posted by Picasa