Monday, December 29, 2008

Gatherings with friends...and such

Following are some pictures from last weekend...around the homestead and crazy, fun, enjoyable time spent with friends!

Pretty amazing! No two are the same.

[Last two images taken by Christianna]

Our lovely water way out back...where we hope to some day dig a defined pond and river.

[Last two images taken by Josiah]

For an early birthday present, Josh and I got John a cowboy hat.

Now he is a true Texas dude! =)
Goat cheese anyone?

We had the Shepherds over for fellowship and fun. The sledding hill got quite the workout! =)

Christianna and Nicholette.

Josiah and his new way to snowboard! I think I prefer standing up.

We enjoyed some lovely music by Mr. Shepherd.
...And a lovely dinner prepared by Christianna and Danielle.
Get these three guys on a couch..and you're asking for trouble!

Here we are playing Midnight Manners...or as it should be called "Midnight Madness"!


On Friday we hosted a gathering with friends but first we all met at a bowling alley for a couple games.
It was a great time of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!

John and his friend Mark.

Theresa Eddy and I.

Dad - the one legged bowler. =)

Afterwards we gathered at our place for food and games.

It's happened again...and this time we can't blame it on a hurricane.

The ice age is over and the great meltdown has returned!

Our road. Flooded out yet again.

Josiah had fun again with the camera and captured most of the above shots.
Thankfully the water did recede quickly and we just got another dumping of snow this morning to "clean" it all up.
More end of the year images to come!