Friday, July 16, 2010

The 114th Birthday,of......


And Carmen!

Oh, divided by two=p A banana chocolate swirl cake covered with peanut butter filled M&M's. Mmmmmm!

Happy Birthday to you!

Kisses for Dad!

After we had stuffed ourselves on cake and Ice cream, the presents began. Both of the "girls" love pistachios.

Aunt Carmen gave Mother the classic version of the game PIT. We children are going to have fun with that!!

Then as we slowly digested we enjoyed the beautiful river flowing by. You can tell how much Josiah had been eating, look at that bench tip. =}

We were also visited and subsequently amused by the extremely friendly gray squirrels that haunt the picnic areas around the river.


We even had a couple ships come by just in honor of Mumsie and Aunt Carm!;)

Happy Birthday Mumsie!!!!!