Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

As the weather turned colder the last few weeks and a few snowflakes started to fall, Josiah and I decided it was high time they started to descend in the house as well as outside.

This tradition started many years ago, when Charity found someone on the internet who created patterns for paper snowflakes. Every year after that we have printed them off cut them out, and fixed them to the ceiling to create our own winter wonder land. It was only a day or so after we started "gathering snowflakes" indoors, that it began to snow with a purpose outside that evening. The flakes were coming down thick and furiously, but when Josiah looked at the weather report, he was devastated to find that the snow was supposed to turn into rain in the early morning! :(

So at 6:25 the next morning (yes, 6:25 AM) I was woken by a boy already dressed in overalls, and rearing to go outside and make a snowman before the snow all melted. It was already raining when I dragged myself outside following the over eager boy, and wondering whether a snow man was really worth it all.

Despite the cold and dark, Josiah and I had a blast rolling the ball of wet snow around the yard and trying to figure out some way to get the huge bottom ball onto the picnic table. Well we tried about 3 different ways (I won't go into all the details now;) nearly breaking our backs in the process before we finally managed to get it to the top. The other balls were quickly assembled, and piled on to created this charming young snowman!

Josiah had pure genius when it came to it's facial features. Acorns for eyes, the normal carrot for a nose and a banana peal for the mouth.
I am so thankful for Gods creativity when it comes to the weather. Snowflakes, are one of the many things that never cease to amaze me. One slightly funny but very true quote that I came across the other day, went like this; "A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together! "