Friday, May 13, 2005

John's Lawn Service

Lawn-mowing anyone? John, Dad and I have had more than our fair share of it since John and I canvassed the neighborhood five weeks ago with flyers advertising "John's Lawn Service." For an average sized lawn the rates are $12 dollars for one lawn job and $45 for a month contract. Great prices huh? Well, other people in our subdivision seem to think so and with the help of Dad and I, John is now mowing 12 lawns per week. Right now we are sticking to the classic mow and trim using the good old push mower which is great exercise. We don't use those riding lawn mowers that are made specifically for lazy people. :) (just joking) I will admit however, that there have been a couple jobs where I was wishing we did have a riding mower.

One of these jobs is a double lot that takes us 2 hours to complete and the other is smaller but has a fair-sized ridge on it. It would be hard enough if that was all, but no, the city decided to make it as interesting as possible for us mowers. They just had to plant about 8 pine trees in a row along the top of the ridge, and these particular pine trees happen to have branches that are only about 3 to 4 feet above the ground, so obvously for a 5 foot 11 inch guy like me or a 6 foot 3 guy like John it can get to be slightly annoying and uncomfortable. As you can imagine, since one of us is trying to push a 45 pound lawn mower in a straight line at a 40 degree angle, dodge under low pine tree branches and miss piles of pine cones at the same time, our rows begin to take on very interesting designs by the time we reach the end of the ridge. At another job we have to dodge doggy land mines instead of pine cones, and let me tell you, I would much rather have the pine cones anyday. Life for us Sauvé boys has gotten interesting over the last five weeks and we now know what it's like to be a business man and work all afternoon, but hey, it pays and besides, if nothing else it's good exercise.
~Josh :)

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