Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Remodeling - Indoors (Part 1)

The first renovation we did at our "castle" was to rip up the stinky carpet (as mentioned here)
So, at the top of our list, once we were moved in, was to lay down the new flooring. We had decided on hardwood floor, and after searching around found some engineered hardwood that everybody was happy with!

We were very blessed to have met some wonderful people with miscellaneous talents in our new church. Our pastor has an excavation business and helped us with the driveway, another man worked with water purification and installed a system for us, and finally Mr. Morris has a remodeling and building business, and he came and helped us lay down our new floor!

It's kind of similar to a large complex puzzle. :)

During the operation, and for a few days afterwards, our house was covered in fine saw dust.. :) That's what happens when you want to install flooring in the winter time! :)

Coming together....

Piece by piece.. 

All done!!

It's beautiful! And we love how it looks in our dining room.

We're hoping to put the same flooring in the family room... but that part of the remodeling we haven't got around to yet. :) The next thing that we did do, was ......

.... The kitchen.