Friday, January 28, 2011

Josiah's Birthday

Our family's "baby" turned 16 last week, and no we can't believe it either. Josiah has grown up to be a wonderful young man though. He has the delightful way of making anyone laugh no matter what is their difficulty, yet he can also be perfectly serious and have a intelligent conversation with someone. Some of his interests are: Creation (including AIG ministry), Old America and how they did things at the beginning of our country and of course biking and hiking outdoors.

His birthday started with breakfast in bed, accompanied by some new overalls from Mom and Dad.

Later in the morning Josiah and I experimented with a prickly pear cactus that I had gotten for him and made prickly pear lemonade. It was quite good, though I think we need to perfect our recipe before we bottle and sell it.=)

When lunch was concluded we went out in the weather for a hike at Beaver Lake trails. This had become an annual birthday event for Josiah and as last year, Mr. Reiche accompanied us. This time we headed out onto Beaver Lake since it was completely frozen. It was quite the feeling walking in the middle of a huge lake and knowing that there is water under your feet.

After hiking around all the paths, we made it to the tippy top of Pinnacle Peak. The sight from there is marvelous.

Josiah was sweet enough to pose for me for Birthday shots, some of them with his new grappling hook.

After the shoot was over we descended from the peak and took the shorter loop (which was still quite long). We went past a couple lakes and searched in vain for Winter Green berries.

One of the Lakes had an outlet that trickled across the paths on a little rocky bed, and then flowed into Spring Bank Creek which traverses all over Beaver Lake trail. We finally made our way back to the van and headed home.

As soon as we arrived home, I began my work on Josiah's cake which he wanted 3D. I called in reinforcements, namely Mr. Reiche, who helped me with the roof. Though it was very difficult, Josiah was pleased with it and it tasted good!

Josiah is an avid reader and also extremely talented at putting together puzzles. One of his gifts was a Farm Puzzle and he finished it in one day!
We are very thankful for our youngest and pray that God might bless him in his future years.