Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last Week...

...We had our new family picture taken Sunday afternoon.

Christianna and I were the first ones out by the tree, so we practiced and played around a little before everyone showed up.

The boys were first to set up and after probably 20 shots they finally stood still long enough for the below image! =)

Mom and Dad, who by the way celebrated their 26th anniversary on Wednesday.

Faith and Baby. Notice Babe is now a one-eared Corgi? Well actually her other ear is still there but due to a Hematomas (rupture of blood vessel, extreme and prolonged swelling) her right ear will not stand up anymore and has taken on a crumpled appearance. The tip of it is actually trying to stand up but unfortunately the rest of the ear may never fill out again. That's ok though cause she is still a very special dog and we love her no matter what she looks like!

This is before we tried to get a siblings shot. Don't ask.

Lastly, we capture a sisterly picture.

Beautiful Anniversary flowers

Tuesday morning the Bryson family and ours headed into town for the grand re-opening of our public Library! Though we missed being photographed by the newspaper we still got this photo taken and of course all of us Sauves made sure we signed up for new library cards and even checked out several books!

On Wednesday while Dad and Mom were enjoying a tour of a miniature railroad and lunch in downtown Oxford, Christianna and I helped our friend Theresa collect and clean concord grapes and make juice and jelly. Praise God for yet another bountiful harvest!

Saturday was blessed with a visit by our Aunt Kathy(dad's sister) and cousin Megan from Utah. Though our time was short it sure was enjoyably filled, with lunch, Charity and Aunt Kathy comparing research on our family's genealogy and Megan and I sharing photography adventures and hunting up some "country" shots for her to take home.

While Megan and I were taking pictures Christianna and Josiah headed out through our back acre and found this little guy along the path! A tiny baby Snapping Turtle!

Brother and Sister

Cousin Photographers
What a blessed time it was to be able to see Aunt Kathy and Megan again. As we were thinking about it we haven't see Megan for nearly 12 years! We thank the Lord for His blessings in allowing them to come over and pray that His grace would be upon them all the rest of Dad's family out West.