Monday, July 16, 2007

The 4th and it's festivities...finally!

Well here it is folks! Sorry its so late but at least it's better than never and I hope you enjoy all the pictures! I'll be putting it in chronological order so keep scrolling down for more of the day's happenings!
Thank you to everyone who helped and gave their input and especially for Mr. Ervin who allowed me to be a photographer for this first event and to God who has blessed me with this camera!

Declaring our Freedoms!

On the Fourth of July, our family went to the historic 1846 Lapeer County Courthouse for a reading of the Declaration of Independence, by our friend Mr. Ervin. As President and founder of the "Heritage Research Institute", he organized this event to promote awareness of our great nation's history. This is the first time we have been there, though it took place last year as well. Mr. Ervin asked Grace to be one of the official photographers this year; she ended up taking about 190 pictures (which is one of the reasons this is only getting on the blog now :)
Despite a little rain at the beginning, the ceremony was very well attended (about 350+), and many of our friends were there, as you may see from the pictures. Several patriotic songs were sung while an ensemble from the Lapeer Civic Orchestra played, historic background was given, and Mr. Ervin, in a period costume, read the Declaration aloud, acting the part of a Colonial leader reading it to a gathering of townspeople. At its conclusion, he had the crowd give three "huzzahs" (cheers), and the Rev. Dr. Richard Geigert of Hadley Community Church said a prayer, asking for God's continued blessing on our nation.

Parading in town!

Hadley is a small town with big parades! This year was the first time we have been in or seen their 4th of July parade (we came up to be in the Harvest parade last year) and we had heard that it was the biggest event in Hadley yet! Starting in a field filled with tractors, old cars, horses and lots of people the route rolls through town,winding through neighborhoods and then heads back to the parking lot while passing the tail end of the parade itself! Several of us were able to ride in the back of "Rusty", the Bryson's old truck as John drove and throw candy and waving to all the people! Though it ended sooner than we thought and we had to quickly head back home for family celebrations, we all had a great time and will definitely remember this day and parade for a long time!!

Our new and long time dear friends, Mr. Reiche and Vicki.

The modern colonial man! =)

Watching from the side lines! From here on Faith had the camera since I was in the back of Rusty.

The line of Semis and Fire trucks ready to go! Boy were they loud!!

Though hard to see, this shield said Faith on it!

tractors....and more and more tractors...too many to put all on here!
...and then there was the oil pull! Quite the machine!

The excitement of the event was when the fire trucks went by. We were told before hand that whoever gets too close to the edge of the road will get drenched by the firemen! Many people had super soakers and water guns handy when those trucks went by to try to spray them back. What a blast!

Happy birthday!

Faith's birthday is the first birthday celebrated in our new house! Though the day was already half gone and filled to the full with memories, it was still an enjoyable celebration with family as we had our traditional cook out lunch and gift giving.

These candles were a gift from our Aunt Carmen.

Faith got her 1914 tea dress done the day before so she could wear it to the morning events. The orchids were a gift from Christianna and Grace.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Lucy came,

as did Uncle Warren and Aunt Myrt.

Here she is in her newly made peasant dress trying to light her candles that were supposed to never go out but because of the wind these never started!

Blueberry cobbler, Stawberry glac'e pie and Cherry cheese cake! Yummmm!

Our Aunt Kathy from Utah sent this card to Faith. She is very talented in making cards and we always anticipate receiving and treasure these special cards on our birthdays!

Faith is a very special person and one who adds such life and enjoyment to our family! A true firecracker she is as there is usually never a dull moment when she is around! Her devotion to her Lord and her care and perseverence in many things are treasures to our family and we love her dearly! Happy 23rd (not 18!) birthday Faith Ann!