Saturday, June 07, 2008

This week... its a long post!

The sunset on Sunday was lovely...Baby was enjoying it so I snapped a picture of her.


Monday evening we went to visit our friends the Mills who were staying nearby at a camp ground.

Madelyn and their new dog Bella

Josiah and one of his little friends

Christianna and Joe

Joshua and Josiah

We enjoyed a lovely meal together...Hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad and watermelon!

The boys going fishing

Every one else took a kayak but Josh and I took a rowboat.

The island

Josh caught a nice little bass

Due to time and having to get back for Josh's softball game we could not stay long, but it was an enjoyable evening and we thank the Mills for inviting us over!


Tuesday we had the blessing of having the Hayse family over for fellowship! They have just moved into the area and we are excited to have another like minded family close by and hope to get to know them better as time goes on! One thing we have in common is that they are also very musically minded (though they play more instruments than we do) and love to sing!

After a time of lifting our voices in praise to our Lord the three oldest girls brought out their instruments and played some beautiful pieces for us!


Yesterday was gorgeous, warm (to some too warm), windy and filled with gardening, working on the deck and having the Mills over in the afternoon.

Josiah started out flying a kite and after getting it stuck up on the roof ended up cleaning the gutters. =)

Cool cloud formation!

That was about as far as the helicopters went...up and then back in Josiah's face! =)

We are now taking donations for the "Josiah's hat fund"! Don't ask how many he has gone through but we have decided to start a collection to hopefully keep ahead of the destruction of them!

Baby and Bella got along pretty well (except when Bella wanted to eat Baby's food!)

kisses on the bad ear

isn't she just adorable?!

A big storm hit us late afternoon but quickly blew by after dumping us with lots of rain, leaving us with big puddles and a lovely sunset!

It has been a blessed week! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
'Til next time,

Soft Ball Season

Several years ago Dad and John had the opportunity to play in our old church's softball team. Joshua was too young then but this year he has been blessed with the opportunity to play on a team combined from the two churches in town. Josh's first game was a couple weeks ago and they played again this past Monday and will play this coming Monday. Josh really enjoys the sport and is a very gifted player so we all enjoy watching and rooting for Josh and Dad at the games!
The following pictures are from the first game Josh and Dad played in.

Josh didn't have a team shirt yet and the evening was a lot warmer than we thought so he was sweltering in that sweatshirt!

One happy guy! Being a christian league the main goal is to just play to have fun for the glory of God. So winning is just an added bonus! The first game that our guys played in ended 25-8!
To God be all praise and glory!