Thursday, December 29, 2005

Nutritional Knowledge ... and Silly Scribbles!

Sorry this is late, the Nutritional fieldtrip took longer than expected, and time got away from us in the afternoon. Hmm, maybe it was all that cheese...(see below;)

Thursday was scheduled to be our Writing Workshop Day, but the writing aspect was pushed to the background for most of the day as we all took an eagerly awaited fieldtrip. Where, you ask? Why, to our favorite all-around health food store within a reasonable distance - Whole Foods in Ann Arbor! Nutrition has always been an important factor to our family, with Whole Wheat flour and honey as the main sweetener being a household rule from day one. At Whole Foods you can find just about anything that is, or has been classified in the "alternative health" category from organic veggies and meats to 'healthy' chocolates and ice cream! For the un-initiated (and even for some of us old time "health freaks" ;) it can be rather overwhelming at first! But we slowly wound our way through the aisles of healthy products, making a special stop at everyone's favorite corner - the Bulk Section!;) One other highlight of Whole Foods is their generous sample stops, especially the exotic cheeses! From Australian Cheddar to Cave-Aged Colby, we tried them all, including an especially flavorful specimen labeled "Drunken Goat Cheese"! Finally, our taste-buds, and our pocketbooks, were maxed out, and we took our purchases home to slowly savor until our next trip to Whole Foods.

We attempted to get back into the writing spirit later that afternoon, by starting one of those "Popcorn Stories"(for lack of a better name), where one person starts the story and then others add a paragraph at a time until it is completed. We have done these before and they have turned out quite hilariously as you can imagine! For some reason however, this time the plot was very slow in starting, and after several attempts to revive it, we abandoned the story. Perhaps we will try again some day and if it turns out, we will be sure to let you see the results!:)