Saturday, August 08, 2009

Visit to the Mills

Here at the beginning I must warn all readers that this post will most definitely be loaded with pictures, and consequently rather long. So with this said let me get started on the History of last Wednesday. After a lot of procrastination on our part we finally were able to make a visit to our friends the Mills new house. The main reason for our visit were a "pile" of meat birds who needed to be put in the freezer. So here I will take the time to warn you that there are some pictures on this post that might be a bit disturbing to you depending on the strength of your stomach. Don't worry the pictures are not that gory, I could of put on a lot of worse ones.

The Mills were blessed to buy an old rose farm which is absolutely gorgeous and full of roses.

Josiah and Daniel had fun playing with Josh Mills.

Here are the fat fellows who were destined for dinner.

Everything set up and ready for the butchering process.

I do have close up pictures at my disposal but decided not to put them on and allow you to magnify the pictures if you would like.

Plucking of all the feathers, was probably the easiest part of the whole process.

and then there was the gutting, a most delicate and difficult procedure.

Madelyn took off to the woods as she couldn't stand even the thought of killing any living creature. =)

Here's all the usable innards.

This is Seven, a very curious and inquisitive little goat.

Daisy May was one of the first goats they acquired here on their farm.

They have this wonderfully breezy porch, and the most comfortable rocking chair.

Meet Eddy, one of their roosters. Just looking at him made me burst out laughing.

This is Tina, her hairdo kind of looks 70ish, I thought (this pictures doesn't do justice to it).

Belle, the Mill's little cousin, with Sunshine, one of the Kittens.

The Mills also operate a little Homeschool book shop called Soli Deo Gloria.

There were roses everywhere, very beautiful ones.

We had a delightful times visiting our old friends, even if it did include butchering chickens;)