Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere.

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon when we journeyed down to our friends the Bryson's house, to collect some leaves to chop into our garden to help fertilize it and put it to sleep for the winter.

The Brysons were kind enough to lend us their trailer and tarps,

along with some cheerful helpers!!

Sunny Smiles=)

and laughs!!

When we got back from unloading the leaves in our garden, we helped them load up the rest of the leaves and take them to their "Back Forty".

Baby came along for the ride and enjoyed it thoroughly, especially chasing Marmalade their cat into the barn;)

Riding through the meadow, the youngest Bryson desperately wanted to try to take a picture with my camera. She didn't do to bad did she?

God gave us a beautiful day, for raking leaves. The sky was blue the weather mild and the leaves smelled absolutely lovely.

Faith comented the other day, that leaves (tree leaves in particular) are the only things that smell good when they are dying. Interesting thought isn't it?