Saturday, January 04, 2014

The End and the Beginning

Another one of our families' traditions is having a fancy meal New Years Eve to celebrate God's goodness in the past year.
We always have fun making it as fancy as possible, pulling out all the good china, crystal, and decorations.

The Menu:
Apple Cider
Cream of Chicken Soup
Brined Roast Duck
Butternut Squash
Sauteed Broccoli with Almonds and Bacon
Fresh Cranberry relish
Orange Apple Stuffing
Cream and Jello Dessert
While we digested the delicious repast (or "good grub" as Dad called it :) ) we had fun remembering through the past year, recalling some of the firsts, events and fun happenings of 2013.  Later that evening we splurged on a decadent dessert - Homemade Chocolate Eclairs. I had some lovely photos of that delightful dessert, but somehow they were lost in cyber space.

Being the old fogies that we are, we didn't stay up til midnight. We had somehow lost the fascination of that when we "grew up" and really couldn't see why we should lose a good nights sleep, so we went to bed late for us, around 11ish.


Breakfast the next morning was simple, but the best!  Soft, silky, flaky Currant Buns, with fresh Organic Oranges.

One of our more recent traditions has been to go on a New Year's morning walk.  This year's was a little later due to some of our morning schedules, but at 10:30 we headed out to meet Mr. Reiche at Lake Minnewanna hiking trails.

Josiah proposed taking a shortcut across the lake, and had to chop a hole into it to find out just how thick the ice was... after we had already all walked out on the lake. :P

One of the main reason for choosing these trails was that we remembered there being slopes covered with Wintergreen plants.  We found the little hardy green leaves, but the berries had all disappeared.  No matter, the leaves almost taste just as good, so we collected some of them for use at home.

Sadie Rose had LOTS of fun sprinting over hills and dales, and dashing across the lake.  It was beautiful, if a bit freezing, and we all enjoyed are walk immensely and went home with appetites well sharpened.

Good thing too, because we had over 2 months worth of cheese, crackers and other snacks hidden about the house being saved for this momentous occasion.

Josh and Theresa joined our family and Mr. Reiche for an enjoyable luncheon while we watched Captains Courageous (again... I told you it was one of our favorites!).  We munched, played games, laughed and talked all afternoon.  Faith of course looked through her seeds and catalogs (another New Year tradition) and Josiah and Mr. Reiche looked through the pile of coins that had been emptied and counted out of the various change jars, and banks around the house (yep every year!).  Our party was briefly broken up, when I had to run off to work, and Mr. Reiche made a visit back home, but it soon revived with some new additions.

We were very happy that both the Roehrer and Bryson families were able to join us for fellowship and fun that evening.

It had been a long time since we had a gathering of this sort, and it was a delightful time with a very full house! :)

We are so grateful for the blessing and guidance of our Creator through 2013 and are looking forward to all that he has in store for our family in 2014!!

For 2014 here is my prayer (borrowed from C.H.Spurgeon)

"May January open with joy in the Lord, and December close with gladness in Jesus."