Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On Saturday we had a great time of fun and fellowship, when our new friends, the Eddy's came over (or should I say DOWN, since they live up in Lapeer) for dinner! First off we all gathered on the deck for some yummy chocolate chip cookies and apple cider,

and some of us young people attempted
to play Badminton, which resulted in a very
hilarious, yet not very productive game!!

Throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening, a most
enjoyable time was had by all as we...

Practiced Handel's Messiah.
(here is Theresa and Grace TRYING to play the
Hallelujah chorus. More pictures of the singers coming soon.)

Styled hats. This was HILARIOUS!!!!!

Played Football!

And ate a delicious dinner of Chicken on Biscuits
and salad, and afterwards, Apple and Pumpkin pies.

Above all, our bond of faith in our LORD Jesus Christ stood out the most and drew us together for a time of devotion in the evening, as we sang, quoted scripture, and prayed!

We are truely blessed to know such a wonderful family as the Eddy's and may the LORD's Blessing always be upon you, our dear friends!!!