Friday, August 28, 2009

A day at the Beach.

As our time with John slowly became shorter, 5 of us went over to Port Huron to say Hi to Aunt Myrt and Uncle Warren and to go swimming in Lake Huron.

God had blessed us with a gorgeous day, blue skies bright sun and clear cool water.

Grace and I stayed mainly on the beach while the boys took to the water.

I am always amazed at Gods wonderful creation, not one of the rocks or shells I found were the same, and just think of how many pebbles there are in the world. Okay don't, my head always begins to spin strangely when I try to think about that many objects.

Though the water was cold to the touch at first, the boys got used to it and immensely enjoyed swimming about.

I have always loved big colorful Umbrellas and this one was sure just that.

Because we were where Lake Huron narrows into the St. Claire River the current was rather strong, so the boys enjoyed floating along with the it.

We thank God so much for the time we have been able to spend with John, and for keeping us all safe on our different activities.