Monday, January 28, 2008

Josiah turns 13!

Last Wednesday the youngest of our house turned a whopping 13! Josiah was born just after midnight on January 23th 1995 and ever since he has brought joy and lots of laughter to our family.
Reading is one of Josiah’s favorite pastimes as well as listening to the Jonathan Park radio dramas. He finally received Jonathan Park #1 for his Birthday which completes his set. Since listening to Jonathan Park he has become quite knowledgeable on Dinosaurs and the creation vs. Evolution issue and loves to tell you about them.

He hopes to be a farmer when he grows up and right now loves helping the girls at the Klaty’s goat farm, especially with the chickens. Here is Josiah with his favorite chicken, the lead Hen.

He has really enjoyed being out in the country this last year and has added frog and turtle catching to his repertoire of hobbies. As a result lots of things he received for his Birthday had a turtle or frog theme, including his cake which was quite a work of art!: )

Josiah and Matthew (Josiah's best friend) and their matching bags. The other side has a turtle on it.

Josiah has grown a lot this past year; actually he has almost passed Mom up in height, and is becoming quite a strong young man. Our prayer for him is that he would continue to grow spiritually as a true Christian gentleman and a soldier for the LORD.