Friday, February 11, 2011

A Coin Fest

Recently a few of us have become quite interested in coins, old ones in particular. So all winter practically, we have been trying to get together a coin fest with the coin collector extraordinaire/neighbor Daniel, and Mr. Reiche who dabbles in almost every hobby.

The amount and time range of the pennies we all had was amazing. We had a lot of fun sorting through the piles and finding the different ones that everyone wanted.

I think there were at least 5 different folders with varying years of pennies in them, most of them were over 75% full!

There were also a variety of silver dollars and foreign coins floating around being admired and discussed.

Mr.Reiche also brought along a gold windup pocket watch that was his uncles. He estimated that it was from 1890. I love clocks and watches in general and Mr. Reiche is letting me borrow this one for a photo shoot. Actually this watch is very special as it has brought to fruition an idea of mine which I promise to inform you of at a later date.

It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and learning!