Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Summation of January

Unlike many previous January's, this year the month has stayed quite level in temperatures. Other than the melt down on the first, we have had lovely cold winter weather with just enough snow to make things beautiful. One of the last days of January, (it was a beautiful sunny day) I took a walk out back, and came home with some gorgeous pictures. So here is a sample of January beauty.

That morning a light snow was falling and the snowflakes were simply exquisite. My only wish was that I was the owner of a photo microscope so that I could properly photograph these minuscule marvels of God's creation.

As the sun arose, one of the most striking beauty's of winter began to show. It is amazing how incredibly blue the clear sky looks; so dark, so crisp and clear!

The way my camera interpreted the glaring sun was amazing, especially, as I could not look at it without the lens intervening in between my eyes and the suns light.

The light made everything beautiful, even more so with the back drop of snow.

There were little pine cones on all the pine trees, a bit frozen but still very sweet looking.

On my way back up to the house, I passed our big maple tree and upon examining the branches closely, I found a bit of hope; a little piece of spring to come, for the end of the branches were swollen with little buds. Buds that in a couple of months will break into tiny baby green leaves and turn the world into a green haze!