Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dixie and the coming of Daisy.

For the past week the Hayse and us have been holding our collective breaths in anticipation of the birth of Dixie's calf. (Remember, Dixie was the cow we had to raise up by her hip bones for a week before she got up on her own.) Many times there were false alarms and rising hopes, as Dixie gave signs which we thought meant she should give birth any moment. Yesterday most of our family and some of the Brysons, sped over in the early morning, in answer to the news that Dixie seemed to be in labor. She was, but unbeknown to us, this stage could last 24 hours at the longest. So the morning was spent in unfruitful watching. Last night also there was nothing even though the Hayse girls checked many times. Then this morning at 7:00 we got the joyful call informing us that she had her calf, and not only that, it was a HEIFER!

So this afternoon we went to see this little miracle.

She is adorable, soft, fuzzy, darling, charming, with captivating ways.

Her name is Daisy, and after entertaining us by wobbling around nursing and nosing about she followed her mothers example and flopped down for a nap. We are very thankful to God for the gift of life, and allowing Dixie to have a beautiful healthy calf.