Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Visit with some friends

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of visiting with some old friends from our Homeschool group down in Dearborn.

Grace's friend Heidi was coming to stay for the end of the week and our friends the Jakubiec's brought her.

Little Caroline was so sweet in her little white dress.

Josiah and I took the older 3 children to the chicken coop, where they were delighted to find some eggs!!

Helen makes sure we didn't miss any eggs =)

Josiah and Matthew got along great, that is if you can call Matthew taking Josiah's hat and running around the yard with it fun!! ;>

The tire swing is always a favorite when any children come to our house and with Helen there was no exception. She loved the tire to distraction.

She also loved the swings...

isn't she sweet!!

We had a wonderful time visiting with a fellow homeschool Christian family. We were so grateful to be able to see them again.