Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow Day!

Even though today is looking like anything but the 'first day of Winter', here is a post commemorating a fun snow day with a few "firsts" for the record! On Monday this week, after the big snowfall, we celebrated the coming of winter by learning how to ice skate! Yes, it is true, not a single one of the Sauve children have ever ice skated before! Over the past two years or so we have started to collect a couple skates but never had the opportunity to learn while Downriver. We still have yet to obtain skates for Charity, Christianna, Josiah and John (there just has to be size 17 skates out there right?).
Early in the afternoon we were joined by the Eddy children as we headed down to the Brysons, had a quick sleigh ride (another first) down to the pond and started to clear the almost foot of snow off of the ice. That took a while but we finally were able to clear enough to skate on and the fledgling Sauves took to the ice. What Fun!! Yes, it took a little while to get used to but as the hours pasted we were skating around there like nothing and even though Josh had to take his off because they were hurting his ankles, the guys got a hockey game going and I(Grace) played Zamboni/snow scraper for the rink.

As the day wore on and our toes were calling for warmth, the ladies of the group indulged in another tractor pulled sleigh ride down the road and back again until it was time to head home for good.

What a fun and enjoyable way to celebrate this unique season that God has given us. We thank Him for safety and blessing of friends and pray that you all will too be safe, stay warm and don't forget to give God the Glory!