Tuesday, July 28, 2009

John's Substitute!!

Since John is away from us in South Korea, he arranged for a 15 year old Korean young man to exchange places with him, although he is about 1/2 his size. Our family has been very privileged to host Jin Won or better known to us as Daniel, which is his English name.

He is glad for the opportunity to play basketball,

especially with his temporary brothers Joshua and Josiah! =)

Daniel also enjoys swinging and talking with Josiah.

On Sunday everyone went looking for frogs in the crock.

I think they found at least 3 frogs plus a multitude of fish.

The tire swing has become his favorite activity, even when Josiah is up in the tree throwing baby acorns down at him.


We are very excited about having Daniel stay with us, and pray that the 5 weeks he spends with us will be a blessing to him, and to us.

~Chs & CAS