Monday, May 21, 2007

Days 2 and 3... more miles of driving and the finish line

My days were all messed up and track of time lost so if I miss quote or say the wrong date for when something happened, sorry!

On the way home one of the nights, we stopped at a gas station to fill up and saw this interesting and funny sign. Diesel Sold Here [in this lovely self-serve dispenser! =) ]

We did not take Baby up with us on Wednesday but she made sure we did on Tuesday as she wouldn't let us out of her sight and even tried to help pack!

The second trip on Tuesday was for more stuff and taking the Chinchillas up. It was forcasted storms but it was looking hopefully clear until the last leg of the trip, as we turned the corner to our street and there the storm hit and hard! We had to sit it out in the van before being able to run the little guys in. What a day!!

Billowing up over the house as we pulled up. The picture doesn't show the half of it! The sky was really dark!!

Then Wednesday was here before we could blink (or barely get any sleep) and the race was on! So many people came to help, and we were all packed in record time! Thank you all so very much for the help! We could never have done it all without all those who so willingly helped!

The biggest truck available was unfortunately even too small for all of our stuff! =)

Wow! what an empty house! Back to what it looked like 7 years ago, though its hard to remember and all the memories it's housed! God has been so good!

Yes, even with getting the largest truck, we still had things that would not fit and so it was decided that John would made a trip up with the van to drop things off and come back down to get the remaining things, but God in His wisdom had other plans!

Faith, Theresa and I were going to be taking the car up, BUT John had the keys and had already left before we realized that we could not leave! Mom and dad were going to be taking the big truck so when everything was finalized with the house, they left. Our dear friend Mrs. Mills, who has been such a help to us took us over to her house to stay until the boys got back with the van AND the trailer to get all that was left. Two (or was it three?) hours passed before we were able to head back over the the Fox Glen house to meet the boys who we had heard were getting closer. However as us girls waited at the house, watching the road, the adventure continued as phone call after phone call announced difficulty after difficulty as the boys (John, Josh and Shawn Eddy) had to stop as a friends to drop something off and found one of the tires on the trailer were flat. Ok, so filling it back up should be a quick fix right? Wrong! next call was that there was a large gash in the tire and they were going to try to get some tire slime to close it up. Well, then there was the next call that said that they could not find the stuff and also could not find us! (miscommunication as to whether we were at the Mills still or not!) so they left the trailer and came to rescue the damsels in distress! =)

Ok, so to make this VERY long story shorter here is what happened.... We filled up the van with what ever would fit. Left one thing for the new people and placed two other things in the care of our neighbors until we returned to retrieve them. Then we headed back over to where the trailer was and tried for about half and hour to get it to hold air

Following the boys, us girls were the tire watchers, cringing at the many bumps and ready to call the boys and tell them to pull over.

Finally we just left and taking the slower route headed home. Weary yet surging with adrenaline we drove for about half an hour before having to fill the tire with air.

On and on we drove, stopping 4 or 5 times, a few times having to push it a little farther than wanted because of not being able to find a place that had air!

Eventually we did make it home-3 hours after we had started and were completely ready to collapse into our beds.
Praise God for His mercy shown us and protecting us on our way! His love is Glorious!
The garage was packed full, so finding things was rather difficult, yet adventurous!

First night all in our new home! The boys had to sleep in the living room as their room down stairs was waiting for carpet. Thank God at least for a good nights rest!
Now begins the real adventure... the making of our new HOME!
Stay tuned for more stories and posts as I still have a lot to catch up on (even some things when still at the other house!)
We're praising God from whom all blessings flow!!