Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Backyard Makeover Episode 4: Mud Mud everywhere!

So on the Tuesday after Labor Day, Mr. Ostrander a wonderful friend from our church came over with his tractor to start on the pond.

Here comes the big Tractor!!

Then came all the discussions of the possibilities of how, where and when.

Then the very first shovelful was dug!!

We all watched in amazement as Mr. Ostrander worked the giganticus machine.

There were a few leftover piles of grass which we quickly carted away so Mr. Ostrander could continue the river.

Wahoo!!! front half of the river is done, the pond is begun.

The frogs loved the mud and water.

Shovelful after shovelful he pulled up. It took a whole week and a half for him to finish, but when he was done it was....


We are so thankful to Mr. Ostrander for his great generosity and for all the time and effort he spent on our pond. But.... though the pond is done, there is still "piles" of work, to be spread out. So please stay around, and I will keep you updated on the "Backyard Makeover".


Backyard Makeover Episode 3: Good Bye Grass!

The next step toward getting our pond dug out back, was to cut down all the thick grass so the ground could dry out.

Well, we found out that cutting down grass wasn't as simple as it sounds. It involved tons of labor and the sacrifice of gallons of sweat, along with the gain of aching muscles, which we didn't even know existed.

For one thing, it took a lot of large steps to accomplish the huge goal. First we used the heavy duty high powered trimmer that our friends kindly loaned us to whack down the thick resisting grass. Next the grass had to be raked into piles for easier removal. This step was the cause of loud groaning during the following days, due to the many blisters formed on the aching hands of the raking crew.

After the grass had been painfully raked into piles they had to be picked up and loaded into the trailer of our faithful Tractor, which transported them (with a little help from his driver =) to the burn pit in the yard where they were consumed.

Until we discovered that said grass was akin to weedy hay, which our dear goats enjoy immensely. This knowledge saved the poor grass from the horrible fate of being burned, and caused it to be reserved for the purpose of being eaten. ;)

The toughest part to demolish in the back, was the section over grown with tough reeds. These reed were to stiff and too long to be cut with the weed whacker, and therefore had to be chopped to pieces by hand.

But we persevered day in day out. (okay, so we weren't working twenty-four/seven by any means, but it seemed that long)

Another job that was necessary for the weed whacker to be able to work properly, was the removing of any large twigs, stumps and woody materials. Josh was our man, swinging the ax o'er his shoulder.

After days of labor the back acre was conquered.

So now the back acre is ready for one of the final steps, digging! Pond and river here we come!!!