Monday, November 20, 2006

A late Gift

On August 8th, 2006 Aunt Carmen and Uncle Tim celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, but didn't receive their gift from our family until the first week in November. They were very patient and understanding when told that we were putting together and hand quilting a queen size quilt.

When we started this "labor of love," we weren't aware of how much work and hours it would require to complete it. The boys offered to buy the material, while the 5 of us ladies did the needlework. (The above photo shows the design we chose which was a log cabin- barn raising star!)

There were times that 4 of us worked each side of the quilt at the same time!

Before we finished quilting all the edges, we made sure that we embroidered one of the corners with our signatures. The girls sewed most of the names, but Josiah sewed his own name on, and did an excellent job!

On Sunday afternoon we took the finished gift and delivered it to its rightful owners. We were glad to have it done, but it leaves an empty feeling after working on it for 2 months. I guess we'll have to find another project for the upcoming months (or not!). ;) -Cathy

"Happy (belated) Anniversary Uncle Tim and Aunt Carmen! May God bless you with many more!