Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy 20th Birthday Grace!

From the tiny tot on tiptoes
to the graceful girl at twenty.
Two whole decades, how the time goes!
and the memories are plenty…

"Grace! Camera!" The call is a common one in our home. In response to it, a tall slim brunette with soft blue/gray eyes and a shy smile hurries down the steps with her digital camera in hand. Expertly adjusting the focus, exposure, and lighting, she is sure to get the best picture of whatever her siblings request, helping the whole family to preserve high quality(and resolution) memories for years to come.

Grace Elizabeth Sauvé, my second younger sister in age, is a kaleidoscope of talents and ideas. Her other middle name is "Creativity" and she constantly lives up to it, with new and inspiring ideas for decorating, crafts, and other useful or unique projects. Besides being a budding Photographer, she is a competent Artist, particularly in pastel paintings, and also excels at the sewing machine, and in several other hand crafts such as crocheting and macramé. A long standing dream of hers is to own her own horse, and the majestic animals are frequently featured in her paintings, and on her bedroom calendar. Recently, she has been studying herbs and essential oils with her sisters, and is always ready to help freshen any sick room with delightful aromas. In the kitchen, her talents take more of a Mexican flavor, and she delights her brothers with spicy dishes that send some of us searching for a glass of water, or perhaps a carton of ice cream? ;-) She also enjoys making some delicious desserts, in which chocolate is a frequent ingredient. But more important than her many physical talents and abilities, her crowning glory is a deep love for her Savior, and a desire to read His Word and strive to know Him better. She also loves to read books about the saints and martyrs of the past, and learn from their faith and perseverance in trials.

Grace, your love for the Lord is an encouragement and example to me! I am proud of you, and I pray that God will continue to mold you more and more into His Image, and that He will give you many opportunities to serve Him in the years to come! May you pass on your creative skills, and your love for the Lord to many generations after you!

Happy 20th Birthday !

Lots of love,
Your big sister,
Charity Joy

Even though Grace was not feeling 100% healthy due to a swollen throat, achy neck and low fever, she was still able to enjoy all the specialties for a birthday-girl and find delight and thankfulness in everything she was given! Posted by Picasa

The Cake! Tastefully and creatively make by Faith Ann. It was Grace's desire to have a three layered cake, two white with a chewy, chocolate brownie in the middle! Delicious!(note the REAL flowers that adorned the sides and top. A courtesy of God's glorious Spring coming to bloom in Downriver, Michigan!) Posted by Picasa

With all her presents! Grace was blessed with many gifts this year, including two picture frames, earings, batteries for her camera, a tatted doily from Faith who also made her a beautiful skirt, a journal, gardening book and some essential oils! Posted by Picasa