Monday, October 25, 2010

Memories of Autumn!

God has created immense beauty in the world, and the Fall is an incredible showcase of this fact.

A week ago or so, Grace and I went down to the little park with the covered bridge to take Fall pictures. The sunlight was gorgeous and dappled, and the leaves all crunchy!

Grace was absolutely gorgeous with pretty leaves as a background.

Then as I was taking pictures I heard this pitiful and adorable meow, and found this darling queen like cat.

Isn't she just a sweet Lady! Her eyes were stunning, and her one floppy ear gave her a cute rakish expression.

Then we found these awesome doors, such texture is to die for, or so I have been told.

Across the road from the covered bridge was this classic pretty portrait.

Then we went for a drive and found this delightful lake, which Dad had told us about. 'Tis only too bad the lake wasn't clear. It was a wonderful afternoon drinking in the feast for the eyes that God had provided!