Monday, November 02, 2009

The case of our disappearing Dad and the return of the Founding Fathers.

Dad has been disappearing.

It all started with the removal of his 27 year old beard. We all were shocked as none of the children had ever seen him with out a beard in person.

Next his 30 some year old mustache was removed. That was a little to much! Even mother had never seen without some facial hair. The reason for the facial cleansing, was.....

that Mr. Ervin had been asked to put on a production on the constitution at the 11th district, US, Federal court of Detroit. After a few auditions, about 8 men were chosen to dress up as founding fathers and give a presentation on the constitution. One of theses was Dad, and as none of the founding fathers had any facial hair, Dad had to get rid of his.

The date for the presentation was Thursday, October 29th and on Wednesday evening there was a dress rehearsal at Mr. Ervins house. Mom and I went along to help with wig styling and costume fixing. I was fortunate enough to get pictures of the men in their costumes. This is John Adams.

Let me introduce you to the the Virginian, Thomas Jefferson.

John Adams during his speech.

Now my fine friends, I am pleased to present James Madison,

and the Honorable John Jay AKA Paul Sauve. (Looks different doesn't he?)

This is the fiery patriot, Patrick Henry.

Unfortunately I was not able to photograph George Washington in his outfit, but here is his outfit without him=)

I was not able to go with Dad to the court house, but Dad was allowed to take our camera with him, and after they were done with the presentation he got some pictures of some of the men in the Million dollar court room.

Check out all that marble behind him.

Dad standing in front of the incredibly ornate door of the court room.

Here is the group together, left to right they are; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, John Adams.