Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Another Sledding Day

The Blog Mistress is back!!! Phew! Took a while there...Faith was on a role with her gardening and chicken posts and I couldn't get a word in edge wise! =) She has done a great job though, hasn't she?

Well, back to current things....

Here are some pictures from our latest sledding adventure. Yes, we did go back to "Suicide Hill" and lived to tell about it again!
The only injuries to talk about are bruised backsides and maybe a couple sore ribs for Faith who was the only one who really took a serious tumble and got her wind knocked out. =O

Besides that we enjoyed a beautiful day with the hill all to ourselves and the wonderful fellowship with friends.


Upon arriving at the top and seeing how slick the hill looked no one was to keen on being the first to go down.

The brave one. Go Dewey!!

Mr. Shepherd was very courageous on his little saucer.

Thanks to a party that had been there the night before there were some hot coals left in the fire pit and Mr. Reiche got a nice toasty fire going for us!

Christianna and Nicholette...happy as ever!

Staying clear of the bumpy side of the hill us girls found great enjoyment in running the toboggan down the smoother side. [photo credit to Faith]

Here we come!!!

Yahoo!!! Holding on for dear life, screaming to save our lives and having a we are flying by Mr. Shepherd with the camera.

There we go!

Dad, Faith and Mr. Reiche plowing down the hill.

I went for a quick walk on the trails again wanting to capture some images of a little stream I noticed last time.
How refreshing and beautiful the whispers of flowing water.

Ride 'em cowgirls! The moms and Nic bringing the toboggan down one last time.