Monday, May 14, 2007

Praise God!

The Sauve family are no longer nomads!! We have a home!!!! Today started out *lovely* though as we drove farther up north the clouds hung lower and then it rained! God was so good! (Yes Mrs. Hall the sun did shine!!) and the closing went well and we now own a house that is quickly becoming our new home! Our new friends and neighbors the Brysons were such a blessing as they helped us get things into the house and then proceeded to mow our very long neglected lawn! Also our dear friends the Eddys came and helped out tremendously with getting more things unpacked in the kitchen and starting to rip up carpet as we hope to get some new flooring on Wednesday.
Today was wonderful! Thank You Lord!!!

Yes, the time is late, my eyes can barely stay open, but I just wanted to keep you all posted before all our computers down here get closed down. I took a lot of pictures today but I don't have time to download right now.

More boxes are calling to be packed...God bless you all...good night

~Grace (officially known as The Blogger)