Saturday, June 16, 2007

The first ever Lily Springs Tea Party!

Last Wednesday, in our back yard under the willow tree, we held our first ever Lily Springs tea party with our dear friends, the Bryson ladies! For those of you who do not know, Lily Springs is what we now call our little homestead here because of all the lilies that were planted all over the property and also because there is a spring running through our back acre. Some of the lilies have already started to bloom and I hope to share some pictures of our "mascots" soon! =)

Well to make this short because of time and also because I have so much to put on the blog right now and am very behind, I will not give the detailed account of this lovely day. But I hope you enjoy the images and who knows, maybe some day some of "you" will be invited to a Lily Spring Tea Party! Enjoy!

Here are a few of our lilies with a hasta leaf set at the center of the tables.

We had some old fashion "tea" games planned but because of the heat did not play too long. 'Graces' was one of the enjoyed activities and with much practice a few of us were finally able to master the art of ring throwing!

A small round table set with a white clothe and sprinkled with dry rose petals hosted our tea time delicacies! Mini banana muffins, strawberry glace', chocolate delights and an array of apples and cheese and grapes. Simply scrumptious!

Also to drink we had ice tea and lemonade.

After our 'tea' we had a little devotional lesson time as we read from the book Beautiful Girlhood. We read about all the different oils that we need in life as daughters of Christ and how we are to use them in our everyday lives for the glory of God.

We learned about the oils of kindness, politeness, kind thoughts, patience, thoughtfulness and consideration.
What a blessed afternoon we had in fellowship with sisters in Christ and as mothers and daughters spending time together and learning valuable lessons! May God be praised!