Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Tuesday: Living Literature

This morning, right after our family devotions, we all sat around the living room couch, and enjoyed a story hour. Each of us Children, including the "Graduated Girls," had chosen a favorite short story from one of the many Literature books we own, and we all took a turn reading them out loud. Selections ranged from, simple stories about performing birds, to a chapter from "Pride and Prejudice." Faith Ann's choice was a touching story about how Beethoven came to write his famous Moonlight Sonata, and Grace got us all laughing with the humorous story of "The Night the Bed Fell."

Mom is very thankful that we all have such a love for reading. But of course the 'Best of Books' should always be at the top of our list. God chose to use words to give us His law, they are a powerful form of communication. Unfortunately many writers choose to use them in an ungodly way. So we must always be careful of what we are reading.

Josiah entertained us all with a story from the McGuffey reader.  Posted by Picasa

Christianna reading her story, "Yes, Your Honesty." Posted by Picasa
Next we played the game of "Authors." It is a card game that plays kind of like 'Go Fish.' There are 13 different Authors. Each of the four cards for a certain author, had a different book or poem on it. You have to collect all four "books" to have that author on your "bookshelf". If a person doesn't have the "book" you asked for, you have to go to the "Library", and pick a "book".
(Sorry if that is kind of confusing, maybe the following pictures will help a little)
The Authors ranged from classic poets like Henry W. Longfellow and Alfred,Lord Tennyson, to fictional writers like Washington Irving and Robert Louis Stevenson. Josiah cleared out the "Library" with a whopping 4 sets to his "bookshelf!"

Here we are playing "Authors." Josiah already has two sets on his "bookshelf!" Posted by Picasa

Here is a peek at Grace's cards. Shhh, don't tell! :-) Posted by Picasa