Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friday's Gathering

Last Friday we held a get together with some friends amounting to about 40 people present among only 4 families! We all had a blast, sharing a meal, playing games and ending with singing praises to our Lord as the sun set.

Our newly finished deck was the perfect place and size to hold all of us!

There still was plenty of room to put up more tables and walk around!

All the little people loved to explore our huge play scape!

Sweet little sisters!

The first activity we did was with the parachute. That thing sure has been everywhere! We have used it for years in gym classes and field days!

Game spectators

Sweet little friends!

Next up was our favorite game, water balloon volleyball! Family teams...I guess we had an advantage with all older children but we still missed a balloon and all the other families did a great job playing for their first time!

What a splash! Thanks for taking these last two pictures Emily! Great shot!

The Hayse family.

The Roehrer family.

Christianna and John Hayse

Then we did boys against girls.

and mothers against fathers.
Next up were the field games! Wheel barrel, sack, three leg races!

Ready, set, Go!

Sack racing!

Team work!


Thankfully no one was injured throughout all the races! Three legged race can be pretty dangerous at times! I know from experience! =)

After the official races were done these three decided to try the 4 legged race! Surprisingly they did very well!

Then out came the water balloons!

I don't know if any of the children came out of the "battle" without getting at least a little wet!

After the last water balloon was tossed we all gathered in a circle up on the deck and tried to sing some hymns by memory as we did not have enough song books for everyone. Daniel Bryson played the accordion to accompany us.

What a blessing to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ!

After the last song was sung and a closing prayer given, out broke the so called "traveling music" and our deck turned into an impromptu dance floor as away they polka-ed! It was a site to see, and not a straight face was to be seen in the whole place!

A hearty thank you to all who came and brought delicious food and we hope you all had as enjoyable a time as we did and thank the Lord for such a wonderful evening of friendship and fellowship with His saints!