Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spring Visited

 It's been a couple months since Spring visited our little "Castle," but even though it was a brief visit, it was one to remember!!
Full of blooms, and beauty!
Here is a glimpse of our little visit with Spring!
(Warning: this post is picture-full)
{Birthday Tulips brought Spring inside, before winter had quite opened the door to it outside}

 One of the first signs of Spring's visit outside were found hidden in the bushes along our driveway - Pussy Willow.

 {Maple Buds}

 {Spring Green}

 I was thrilled to find that we actually had Daffodils here at the new house!! Only a few, but still a balm to this Daffodil lovers heart!

 The Moss in the woods picked up their little heads with the warming weather...

{May Apple peaking up}

{Tulips arrived outside}

{Cheery Daffodils}

The fun about living in a new place when spring visits, is getting to discover all the little secrets and surprises - like the Orchard floor being covered with sweet little Violets.

{Trout Lilly}

{Barefoot Swinging}

{Buds beginning to swell}

The birds accompanied Spring on it's visit. It was thrilling to hear the air swelling with different bird songs every morning.


{Bursting Blossoms}

The Lilacs sent spirals of perfume into the yard.

{Robin's Eggs}

{Cute little Froggy}

{Happy Dandelions}

{In full Blossom}

The smell of the Apple Blossoms in the Orchard was incredibly beautiful!

We even found some Morel Mushroom in the woods! (yuck!!)

{Wild Flowers}

So there is a brief glimpse into what our "Castle" and it's surroundings looked like when Spring came to visit.